Crooked Carrot Farms is a sub-Urban Farm located on the outskirts of Mobile, Alabama.

Our purpose at Crooked Carrot Farms is to not only assist our local community in moving forward towards a healthful and sustainable future but to spread awareness regarding these mighty immune system and total health building micro-veggies. The concept that nutritional food should be integrated with sustainable farming practices is integral to Crooked Carrot Farm’s mission. Crooked Carrot Farms offerings of select microgreens are the most nutrient dense and flavorful imaginable.

Microgreens are pure goodness, brimming with high concentrations of nutrients including vitamins, minerals and bio-available proteins. A true “superfood” group that provides up to 40 times the nutritional value of the mature vegetable.
Easy to Use
As easily as sprinkling a spice in a dish, you can infuse beauty, texture, nutrition and flavor to any meal. Add a handful to a smoothie, on top of a sandwich or juice them for a quick immune boost. There is simply no easier food to incorporate into your diet. Top a salad, make your own ice cream or even delight your friends by bringing color and design to a cake.
Crooked Carrot Farms’ microgreens and wheatgrass are grown in one of the most sustainable operational models of farming today -vertical system farming. Utilizing a negligible amount of water compared to standard farming, no pesticides or fertilizers and a fraction of the land.
Exceptionally Fresh
Microgreens are inherently fresh because they are still living. Since our produce is harvested within 24 hours of delivery, you enjoy the benefits of superior quality, enhanced shelf-life, and no more spoiled produce. You simply cannot obtain these foods in supermarkets.