Microgreen Facts
Sunflower Microgreens have a layered flavor trail. Starting out almost lemony then transitioning into that nutty seed flavor that your taste buds are familiar with.
Tenderly crisp and sweet, slightly milder than whole peas with a malt- like hint of nut..
Tenderly textured, but don’t let that fool you! Radish microgreens draw you in with the initial grassy sweetness followed by a zingy peppery heat.
Broccoli presents with darker green cotyledons (first leaves) and has a fresh, tender and crunchy texture with a mild mixed flavor reminiscent of cabbage and broccoli.
Smooth, delicate feathery leaves carry notes of anise, celery, carrots and cilantro. Not as strong as the mature plant yet a perfect substitute in most recipes.
Wheatgrass begins with a sweet earthy nuance then ties it all together with a grassy bitterness. Not something to sip on, but more than worth the bite! Luckily, wheatgrass is versatile and pairs itself very well with other smoothie or juice ingredients.