Hello! Welcome to our little garden. There’s always room for one more curious person to plant a seed here. It’s our aim to provide the clean water of nutritional education, shed sunlight on the misinformation, and give some fresh air to the outdated and obsolete…without the manure. We hope you’ll stick around and dig your roots.

Puns aside, we take this stuff pretty seriously…because health is serious. We all want to be there for baseball games, dance recitals, first jobs, weddings, and anniversaries…but we want to feel good at the same time, and ensure that we stick around for the next milestone. The question becomes, “What’s the biggest little step I can take?” Well, as far as we (and science) are concerned, the answer is, “Microgreens.”

It’s a big step because, in taking it, you begin a simple mindset. The mindset that your body, and you, are worth taking care of. Exercise is excellent, but only keeps a sound body when in equilibrium with diet. Unfortunately, many people forget this half of the duo. We want to make sure people are aware of the staggering difference just a handful of microgreens can do.

Here, on our official blog, we’ll cover a myriad of topics from big industry to small business, meet soft arguments with hard facts, and of course… there will be recipes.