Microgreens are what we do, and what we love. They’re like our own little babies (baby veggies). But these small stems somehow stuff up to 40% more phytonutrients in their little, bite-sized, frames than their fully grown counterparts! That would be like a toddler out-benching his dad. Microgreens have an average of five-times the nutrient density, and some types of microgreens can even contain forty-times more vital nutrients than their mature versions. These tiny titans are capable of some heavy lifting, and give numerous other health boons, like helping to prevent type-2 diabetes and lowering blood pressure.

So…why should you eat these over regular vegetables? The answer is, “Why not both?”. Consuming your daily veggie intake is always recommended, however you decide to get it done. Here at The Crooked Carrot, however, we like to be efficient. Aside from how easy microgreens are to include in literally any meal…you eat less and get more, they never require cooking, and you’ll save plenty of cash purchasing several ounces of micros instead of several pounds of veggies. What can we say? We’re pragmatic, and we like the taste.